When is the best time to book a hunting safari? 

My answer is right now!  You really want to secure your hunt for the Red Stag Deer in the Roar...for example as demand is heavy then...so it makes good sense to book now and secure your date.

Booking your hunt now gives you ample opportunity to practice at the range - or tune that hand load to perfection - or simply relax in the knowing - the anticipating - the excitement that you have a great hunt awaiting your chosen dates in prime time. Queensland Deer Safaris has been in the hunting business in Australia for the past 20 years. Queensland Deer Safaris clients leave as friends rather than clients and are richer from the experience.

How to book a hunt with me?  Its as simple as completing the Online Contact Form and I will respond ASAP - or you can call me on (07) 46981701.

Hello I am Vince Ashe - Queensland Deer Safaris: Thank you for taking the time to inquire “Queensland Deer Safaris In Australia." Queensland Chital Deer Safaris, Red Stag Deer Safaris, Buffalo & Pig Safaris. I am the owner of and head Professional Guide-Outfitter of Queensland Deer Safaris - I offer a personalised guiding and Outfitting service.

I have been a keen rifle hunter since my young teens. I harvested my first deer when I was 15 and my first trophy Red Stag at 17 years. I have built up a knowledge, respect for game over the decades building an intimate knowledge of the game animals I both hunt and guide.

Queensland Deer Hunting Safaris is a small personalised "Australian Outfitter" with a passion for guiding clients to their first trophy and revisiting that experience over again with seasoned veterans. My desire and vision is to guide you to a great Australian free range trophy Chital Deer, Red Stags, Feral Pigs, Water Buffalo, or Wild Scrub Bull.

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